Once isypy is installed, copy the following yaml code in a file called to your liking, why not params.yml.


  ThermalizationTime: 0.15
  MeasurementTime: 1.0
  UpdatesMeasurement: 100
  Seed: 1204

  LatticeSize: [4, 4, 1]
  Beta: 1.0
  HField: 1.1
    Jx: -1.0
    Jy: -1.0
    Jz: 0.0

Please ensure that the idention is the same as above. In doubt, please lint your file with the tool yamllint. The simulation can be run by using the following command:

python -m isypy params.yml

Or if you have installed with mi4py, and you want to use 4 processors:

mpirun -np 4 python -m isypy params.yml